Red dog (or red dog poker): description of the game, rules, tips

The game of reg dog is a very simple card game, and therefore very accessible, which can be found in many casinos. This is a betting game where the player can win up to eleven times his bet. By the possibility given to the player to be able to bet twice in the same part, the red […]

Where to play stud poker in cash game on the internet with low bets?

It is obviously much more difficult to find a poker table on the internet than Texas Hold’em. Nevertheless, some online poker rooms, like UltimateBet have taken up the challenge. And with a starting bet of just $ 0.02 / $ 0.04, UltimateBet has everything to satisfy stud poker lovers . This minimum bet is offered on hi / lo stud poker tables . Analog tables are available […]

Online poker (Texas hold’em, Omaha, Stud Poker): Everest Poker, Titan Poker …

Internet has revolutionized the poker community . It’s now easy to play from home to this exciting card game. Choose the best platform according to the modes of access offered but also the range of games.  Do not forget to think about how you want to feed your player account: all platforms do not have the same characteristics. Finally, it is […]

Game rules casino, poker, lotteries and sports betting

Most casino and online poker sites share the same rules of the game. Nevertheless each site can propose a particular variant. Also it is essential to check the rules of the game available on the chosen site before placing chips on a site. This is the only way to avoid unpleasant surprises! Before playing a game, you must […]

7-card stud poker (high or high / low) game principle and detailed explanations

Less famous than Texas Hold’em poker , stud poker is worth a visit. The main difference with hold’em is that visible cards are not common to all players.  Each player has four open and private cards that he can use in addition to three other cards, private and closed ones, to compose the best possible hand. This is the […]

Microgaming video poker games Roxy palace, Grand Hotel casino, etc

Microgaming video poker games Some games are not available in all casinos using MicroGaming software. The casino that holds the exclusivity is then indicated. Joker Poker 10: minimum bet of 1 € – joker, quit or double – casino-specific game – 1 hands – win up to 10000 € SupaJax: progressive jackpot, 1 hands, minimum bet: 1 €, casino […]

Poker Stars all about Daniel Negreanu’s favorite online poker room

has self proclaimed the best online poker room. The brand is based on good quality software, both pleasant to use and very stable. Many variations are available and each player can find his favorite game.  The main strength of is to have a network of players with tens of thousands of players permanently connected. This is made possible […]