Three card poker the purpose of this casino game, the unfolding of a game

Three card poker is a casino game where the player can play against the bank or bet on his hand independently of the casino.

 The hands are similar to those that can be found in poker: pair, color, sequence, brelan, color suite (the equivalent of the flush). The player can not request an additional card.

 However a second round of betting can be done after the distribution of the cards. The player can win up to 40 times his bet.

The principle of three card poker

Everything is said in the name of the game. It consists in getting the best poker hand with only three cards. Naturally given the number of cards, the possible hands are slightly different from those of poker. However, we find the same logic in the definition and order of priority of these hands. 

The player can play against the casino, but he can also bet only on his hand: he then needs a pair or better to win.

The combinations

The hands of three card poker are directly inspired by that of classic poker. Here is the list in order of increasing preponderance:

  • The pair: two cards of the same rank accompanied by any card. The rank allows to decide between two pairs: the highest prevails.
  • Color: three cards of the same color: spades, hearts, clovers or diamonds. The highest card allows you to designate the best of two color hands.
  • The sequence: three cards of directly successive rank, whatever the color. The highest rank card is used as discriminating between two sequences.
  • Three of a kind: three cards of the same rank. Row is the best set.
  • The following color: three cards of successive rank and the same color (tile, heart, clover or spades). The highest card is used to define the best color sequence if several hands of this type are simultaneously formed.

Detailed description of 3 card poker

The game begins with the deposit of the wagers on the table. The player can bet that he will have a better hand than the bank. 

He can also bet on obtaining a pair or a superior combination. These two bets are independent. The player can bet on one or the other or both.

The dealer distributes three hidden cards to the player and himself. The player takes knowledge of his hand and can make an additional bet on the bet of beating the hand of the casino. When the bets are closed, the hands are compared and the winnings paid.

Payment of earnings

Here’s how is paid the first bet on the strongest hand. If the casino hand does not have a combination and if its highest ranking card is not a lady, king or ace, the casino does not qualify and the player’s initial bet is paid once and the additional bid is refunded. 

If the casino qualifies and his hand is higher than the player, he loses his initial and additional wagers. If the casino qualifies and both hands are equal, the bets are refunded. 

If the casino qualifies and its hand is lower than the player’s, the initial and additional bets are paid once. Whatever the case, the player is also paid once his initial bet for a sequence, 4 times for a set and 5 times for a color sequence.

The pair bet or more is lost if the player does not get at least one pair. If he gets a pair, the player wins once. If he has a color, he wins 4 times his bet.

 If his hand is a sequence, he pockets his bet 6 times. The gain is 30 times the bet for a set and 40 times for a color suite.