The carribean stud poker principle of the game, course of a game, report of the winnings

Carribean stud poker is the best way to play poker at casinos. As the name suggests, this game stems from stud poker. The player must beat the bank. He wins if the bank fails to qualify or if he has a better hand. With a royal flush, the player will be able to win up to 100 times the amount of his wagers.

The principle of carribean stud poker

Stud poker is a casino game directly inspired by 5-card stud poker. It is sometimes called tropical stud poker. Each player plays against the bank. The goal is to get a better poker hand than the casino. Unlike many other casino games, the carribean stud poker leaves a significant share to the player. This one can indeed raise or not but especially he can also change a card of his game.

Part of carribean stud poker step by step

To start the game, the player deposits his bet called ante. The dealer distributes 5 cards and uses 5, 4 face down and 1 face up. After having read his game, the player can abandon the game (he loses his bet) or continue by raising with a bet of twice the ante. He can then at his convenience change a card of his game against a new distributed by the dealer, for an amount equivalent to the ante.
The game of the bank is then evaluated. To qualify, the bank must have at least one hand as-king. If the bank does not qualify, the player gets his bets (with the exception of the ante eventually paid for the exchange of a card) and pockets a gain in the value of the ante. If the bank qualifies, the player’s hand and the bank’s hand are compared.
If both hands are equivalent, the player recovers his bets (except for the eventual ante paid for an additional card), unless the player has a king hand (in which case he loses). If the player’s hand is lower than the bank’s, then the player loses all his bets. If his hand is strongest, he wins according to his own hand.

Carribean stud poker winnings

In case of victory the player gets his bets (except the ante for the purchase of a card) and pockets a sum dependent on his hand.

  • For a pair, the player wins once.
  • For a double pair, he pocketed twice his bet.
  • Three of a kind is paid triple the bet.
  • With one color, the player wins 4 times his stake.
  • The fifth allows to obtain 5 times the sum of the stakes.
  • A full house is paid 7 times the bet.
  • For a square, the gain is the stake multiplied by 20.
  • A straight flush will bring the player 50 times.
  • The royal flush is paid 100 times.

Carribean stud poker on the internet

Many variants of carribean stud poker are available on the web. Among the virtual casinos that feature this game in their catalog, Lucky Ace Casino displays the highest high limit with € 2,000.00 and Stryyke the lowest limit of the web: € 0.10. Use the following small search tool to apply your own selection criteria to casinos with a carribean poker game.