Red dog (or red dog poker): description of the game, rules, tips

The game of reg dog is a very simple card game, and therefore very accessible, which can be found in many casinos. This is a betting game where the player can win up to eleven times his bet. By the possibility given to the player to be able to bet twice in the same part, the red dog opens the door to many tactics of play.

Red dog: the principle of the game

Also called Red Dog Poker or Yabon, this casino game has nothing to do with poker. This is a very simple card game. From the first two cards, the player must guess whether the third card will be included or not between the first two. 

Of course, the larger the gap between the first two cards, the higher the chances of success. The color of the cards is not taken into account at this game: only their level counts (in the usual ascending order: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, jack, lady, king , as).

Red dog: the course of the game

The red dog game begins with a betting round: each player places his own on the table in front of him. The dealer representing the casino then distributes two cards to each player (from a deck of 52 cards). Several cases can then arise depending on the two cards received:

  • The player has received two cards of the same value (for example two valets): the player is free to deposit or not a second stake. The dealer gives him a third card. If this card is the same level as the other two (in our example a third valet), then the player will receive 11 times his stake.
  • The player has received two consecutive cards: the game is zero, two new cards are dealt.
  • the player has received two separate and non-consecutive cards (all other cases): the player may or may not deposit a second bet. O ‘will take into account the difference between the two cards, that is to say the number of card levels that can be inserted between them (for example, the difference between a 7 and a valet is 3, because the map levels that can fit between them are 8, 9 and 10). The dealer then gives him a third and last card. If this card is between the first two, he gets his bet and also earns the corresponding report (see below). Otherwise, he loses his bets.

Red dog: earnings reports

Winnings are not paid in the same way for both bets.
For the first bet, the win depends on the gap between the first two cards.

  • If the difference is 0 (case of the set), the player wins 11 times his first bet.
  • For a difference of 1, the gain is 5 times the initial bet.
  • The difference of 2 is paid 4 times the first bet.
  • With a difference of 3, the ratio increases to 2 times the starting bet.
  • In all other cases, the player pockets the equivalent of his first bet.

The second bet is paid 1 to 1. Whatever the difference, if he wins, the player will receive a win identical to his second bet.

How to play red dog online?

To play on the internet at the game of red dog, just connect to a virtual casino offering this game. Among the online casinos referenced in our encyclopedia, Prestige Casino has the advantage of offering a minimum wager of 0.50 €, while Silver Oak Casino holds the highest limit with $ 500.00. The list of all the casinos having the red dog in catalog is consultable via the form which follows.